Solar Energy Forum in Rockland

Rockland — Sen. Dave Miramant, D-Camden, and John Luft of ReVision Energy spoke in favor of expanding solar energy in Maine and answered questions from community members at the Solar Energy Town Hall event held at Rockland City Hall on Wednesday, September 28.

“I was very pleased with the turnout, with the well-informed and thoughtful comments and questions from the audience, and with John Luft’s excellent presentation,” said Sen. Miramant. “He explained exactly how solar energy saves money, provides jobs and benefits the environment, and I was happy to discuss its legislative prospects and removing barriers to the advantages of solar for Mainers.”

The forum included many questions from the audience and an appearance by Amy Files of Renew Rockland, a citizens’ group that promotes renewable energy and sustainable economic growth.  The open discussion included questions about the startup costs, rebates and environmental benefits associated with solar. Mr. Luft stressed the value of replacing power plants, fossil fuels and transmission lines by harnessing the unlimited energy of the sun. Sen. Miramant lamented the failure of last year’s solar legislation, which failed to garner enough votes to override Gov. Paul LePage’s veto, and vowed that the issue is still very much alive, citing broad bipartisan support in the legislature.

“One thing I wanted to stress is that the setbacks we have experienced are temporary, and that I am fully committed to making this a priority in the next legislature,” said Sen. Miramant. “There is no reason why Maine can’t employ this technology right now. Our current path is unsustainable and Mainers are largely in favor of incorporating more renewable energy sources. It’s only a matter of time before things start to change.”

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