COVID-19 Announcement

The changes to our lives bought on by COVID-19 have created many unforeseen consequences. I know that Knox County has been doing our part to flatten the curve and we will continue until this is over. 

If you or any of your family, friends or neighbors need help getting food or services, please let me know. There are many volunteers providing support to ensure the more vulnerable folks among us are safe and secure in their homes. We Mainers are resilient and will come out of this with the knowledge that when working together all things are possible. I have seen this first-hand at the stores, dealing with the aftermath of our spring Nor’easter, and joining together through social media. Keep up the good work and life will be back to normal soon!

If there is anything you are reading or hearing that doesn’t make sense I will be glad to answer your questions or find answers from whichever state agency can help you. 

These are the times where we benefit from living in a tight-knit community. Please make an effort to consider your neighbors and if they need support contact me at or 236-4845.