Welcome to my website. The biggest part of my job is listening to your ideas and turning them into solutions that improve the lives of as many folks as possible. While we won’t all agree on every issue, I will make sure that your needs are taken into account in Augusta. That your for the privelege and honor of representing you!

A voice to be heard!

Join and support me to make our Maine a better place to live. Together we can create a government that is thoughtful and works for everyone. Please get in touch to make your voice heard!

Meeting challenges, working together!

“During my previous term in the legislature, I worked across party lines to represent the needs of all Mainers. Meeting challenges requires respect for all ideas. Now more than ever, we need to listen, understand, and work together to find creative solutions for Maine’s challenges.”

We can do better than knee jerk responses to school shootings that cause even more harm to the children. John Oliver did the research and lays out why more guns and cops are not protecting our kids ... See MoreSee Less
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It was frustrating to hear about the leaked SCOTUS opinion about Roe. Legal abortion saves lives and affirms the right to control what happens to your own body. I joined thousands of folks at the Supreme Court tonight to make sure our voices were heard. ... See MoreSee Less
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Please help New Hope Midcoast win this grant. They help men and women in need but resources are always strained and they never turn away anyone.www.neighborhoodassist.com/entry/2043709?tmaadmin=cx5wne6n59n58uaa ... See MoreSee Less
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