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Vote for My Dad, Dave Miramant:  He Sees the Big Picture 
Anyone who knows my dad isn’t surprised that he is running for State Senate, and not only because of his great experience from his term on the selectboard in Camden, his time on the Personnel Committee or his years being in the House of Representatives.  I say this because anyone who knows him knows that he is driven by an innate desire to help people, something I experienced every day growing up. When I ask him why he’s running, he explains a bigger picture in which he has greater resources to help both individuals and the state as a whole. Mydad has been a steady, positive contributor to his community, and this is why it comes as no surprise to all who know him that he has accepted retiring Senator Ed Mazurek’s suggestion to run for State Senate.
This is something I remember from my earliest days: my dad helping neighbors with broken cars, noisy furnaces, stressed out relationships and tough economic circumstances. He is the kind of person you can put in any scenario, with any people, and he will find a viable solution that works for everyone. 
As a captain at Delta, my dad faced many experiences that required quick solutions under tense conditions.  He excelled in that because he can handle crisis in a heartbeat.  He is the most capable and qualified man I know for this position and he’s crazy enough it want it to help his neighbors and his state!  What has always made my dad such a great “helper” is that he is well versed in many topics, he is tenacious when it comes to finding a solution and he is always open to exploring new ideas.
Dave Miramant….my dad….is the best choice to represent you in the Maine State Senate. Please give him your vote November 4!
Ashley Webster-Miramant 

I’m Asking My Dad, Dave Miramant, to Help Maine-

It took living in five different states, three time zones and countless infested apartments to discover what my friends, family and many of you reading this already know; the State of Maine is an incomparable place full of strong character and natural beauty. The sense of identity I’ve been fortunate to carry with me in the world stems largely from being raised in Maine. I speak with pride about Maine, to almost anyone who will listen. I will never shake my identity as a Mainer, no matter where I temporarily settle.

Maine faces its share of challenges. Limited access to quality jobs coupled with under-employment has become a far too frequent narrative. Having migrated to Silicon Valley for work, I’ve watched people come together and convert creativity and drive into meaningful organizations impacting countless lives. I’ve learned that the most important skills for success in this modern economy are unrelated to geography but are the result of attributes Mainers have in spades; strong work ethic, determination and collaboration.

I feel fortunate to have been raised in Maine with these attributes, as well as a keen appreciation for the importance of community. I learned these by observing my father, Dave Miramant, practice them and set a great example for me. I watched him build multiple small businesses that resulted in a stronger local economy. I’ve seen his relentless drive to help build strong community through his work serving in the state legislature and on our town Select Board. I’m now looking to him to share his experience and leadership and help steer Maine in a direction that will prevent my kids from having to choose between a career they love and the state they love.

My dad is transparent when he discusses reasons for his bid to return to the Legislature. He knows that a better future is the result of thoughtful leadership, creative collaboration and hard work. He wants to continue to support small business owners in our community. He wants to create a business climate conducive to welcoming new companies in our state while considering thoughtful preservation of natural resources. He understands the potential for Maine in the tech-based economy that will require an improved quality of education, and he will work to get us there.

I asked my dad for a lot growing up. His support and knowledge were in high demand, and his patience was unwavering. I’m asking him now to use his experience and energy to help direct Maine’s future in a brighter direction. I hope you will join me in asking him to bring his passion for thoughtful, inclusive and helpful governance back to Augusta by voting for Dave Miramant for State Senate District 12 this November 4.

Josh Miramant, San Francisco, CA, Raised in Camden, Maine

Voting for Dave Miramant, State Senate District 12-

The people of Knox County have been blessed by having Coach Mazurek as our Senator. Coach has always been there for all the people, on the City Council and then as Mayor of Rockland, then State Representative, and then as our State Senator. He asked Dave Miramant to fill his seat, which is one of many reasons why I, as an unenrolled, independent voter, will cast my vote for Dave Miramant.

Knox County does not need an ideologue in Augusta, who will march to the beat of the Party line. We need someone who has been able to work with those of all parties and persuasions to creatively meet the challenges facing us all. Dave seeks fairness in addressing the financial crises that faces our state. He doesn’t play one group against another but rather looks for solutions that provide the best outcome for all concerned. He favors universal health care, giving all Mainers the right to a healthy life. He favors an equitable wage, giving all Mainers the right to the dignity of providing for their families. He favors strong and vigorous education for Maine’s children, requiring the state to make good on its obligations for school funding.

Let’s continue to have representation for all the people. Let’s continue to serve the best interests of all the people of Knox County. Let’s continue to make Maine a great state and a great place to live. On November 4, let’s all.

Marty Schindler, Rockland

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